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Bath Towel vs Beach Towel: What’s Better For The Beach?

Ever pondered the difference between a beach towel and a bath towel? It’s true that fundamentally a towel’s a towel but how you’re using the towel makes all the difference. Let’s dive in and see what sets the two apart and which is the superior option for you sunny beach adventures.

Towel Size – Does It Matter?

Word on the street (or sand, as it were)

is that bigger really is better. Beach towels are bigger and longer than bath towels and there’s a good reason for it. Your beach towel is more than just a towel – it doubles as your tanning bed, blanket, picnic mat and acts as the only barrier between the hot sand and your tushie! If you’re sharing a towel for two it can get a little crowded so opt for an oversized design and soak up the rays in comfort and style.

Whether you enjoy a quick dip in the ocean or a couple of laps in a heated pool or a long picnic on the beach – Bower Sands makes mighty big beach towels that give you more wiggle room without a lot of added bulk. We all know that lugging around chunky beach towels can be a drag so we’ve made our Double-sized towels very big. We’re talking ‘160cm x 160cm worth of bum space’ big yet rolls up super compact. During the cooler months, it’s extra-large size is ideal for wrapping yourself in while lounging by a beach bonfire.

Towel Design & Colour

A towel is designed to complement it’s surroundings so naturally, bath towels tend to be neutral in colour and minimal in design to create an open and airy space in your bathroom. That’s all fine and well but when it comes to beach towels, we like to have a little more fun.

Why not turn a beach towel into a fine work of art that shows personality and style.

Charming hand-drawn illustrations will put your traditional towels to shame. Add a nice dose of 70s inspired nostalgia with our Folk Floral Print or if a good vibrant geometric design is more your thing then check out our Linear Print.

Exclusively designed in our humble Sydney studio, we render and sketch individual elements and assemble the artwork with intention and care. Here’s an added bonus…All our beach towels are printed on both sides so mix it up to suit your mood. One towel, two prints, double the fun!

Towel Thickness

Traditional cotton terry bath towels are made thicker with the purpose of absorbing more water and drying you after a long drawn bath…but they also take longer to dry. As much as we love spending all day at the beach, toting home soggy and sandy towels have a way of really dampening the fun.

To rid all your beach-goer woes, we have developed a microfiber oversized beach towel that may be on the thinner side, but it’s quick-drying, sand-repelling material makes for a practical beach-bag companion.

Towel Texture

If you’ve ever taken one of your cotton terry bath towels to the beach, you’d know that just after a couple of washes the luxe factor dissipates and it will be stained, sandy and smelly. Bath towels are not made for the beach and should remain in the confined comforts of your home.

Our beach towels are engineered with a waffle texture weave on both sides to promote optimum absorbency. These soak up the water off your skin better than a regular towel, dry quickly, and are lighter weight and take up much less space than a typical towel or beach towel.

Need more reasons to love our towels? They’re completely sand-repellent and thanks to the microfiber’s anti-microbial properties, you can say goodbye to nasty wet towel odours.
They’re seriously the bees knees of beach towels so nab one for yourself via our online store.

Fun fact: Our towels are made from recycled plastic bottles.

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