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You undoubtedly need a towel if you are going to a beach, swimming pool, traveling, or doing yoga. A soft towel is a must-have accessory these days. Since towels have widespread use, everybody wants to have a high-quality towel that can last long. But all towels are not created equal. At Bower Sands, you can get the most promising quality. 

We provide a very iconic, super absorbent, and sand-free beach towels that you are precisely looking for. All the materials in the towel are neatly prepared to give the optimal touch to the quality and outlook. The best part you can enjoy is the sand free experience. You know how mood-killing can a sand sticky beach towel be. But now you can freely lay down the whole day on the beach and yet not a single grain sticks into it. Everything has been meticulously studied and planned to prepare the best sand free beach towel. You give a gentle shake and puff! The sand vanishes out of your sight. 

Not just this, you can get these sand-free beach towels in any of your favorite colors and shapes. We offer so many varieties of designs and patterns that there is something everyone will love. You can find all generously sized towels of excellent color and quality. We offer rectangular and square to round-shaped beach towels. You can roll them up into a handful size that can fit into a minimal space of your carrying case. It is one of the noteworthy features of the sand-free beach towel we offer. 

The beach towel doesn’t limit its features up to these. We have carefully designed the towel to make it antimicrobial. We are equally health-conscious. And not just this, you definitely will get overwhelmed to see its super absorbent feature. The towel dries up so quickly that your jaws will remain dropped.

Trust us; we assure you are buying the best quality sand free beach towel possible on the Earth from Bower Sands. 

Bower Sands has been supplying the best quality sand-free beach towels throughout Australia and worldwide. We have more than thousands of entirely satisfied clients throughout the world.


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