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The technology behind our towels

As much as we love spending all day at the beach, toting home soggy and sandy towels has a way of dampening the fun. 

Our fabric technology was engineered to bring you a practical and equally beautiful solution to all your beach woes. 


Advanced sand-resistant weave

Are you tired of getting sand all over your car and home after a day at the beach? 

Our waffle weave technology allows sand to slide off easily, unlike traditional beach towels that trap sand in its dense cotton loops. Give our towels a shake and the sand truly falls off, even when wet. 

Don’t take the beach home with you this summer.


Absorbs up to 2 litres of water

Our towels are made from Premium Microfibre, which unlike cotton, absorbs and holds up to 8 times its own weight in water. This means water isn’t just pushed around but will keep you drier for longer.


Dries in half the time

Our advanced wicking fabric has a special cross-section construction, which picks up moisture and carriers it away from your body.  Any absorbed moisture is instantly spread out thinly to evaporate easily and quickly. 

Our beach towels will dry in half the time it takes a regular cotton beach towel to dry. We think it’s time to make the switch from soggy beach towels.


Perfect for travel

We make mighty big beach towels that give you more wiggle room without the added bulk. Our beach towels come in two sizes, and no matter which one you choose, both have been designed to be compact and lightweight.

It’s the perfect beach bag companion for lovers of the sun and long beach days.


Made from recycled plastic bottles

Plastic pollution is a ferocious beast to our environment but when it’s recycled into good strong fabrics, it can give single use plastics a second life. We care about the impact that we make as designers so we choose to partner with like-minded manufacturers who practice a considered approach.  

Each Towel For Two is made from 40 recycled plastic bottles, diverted from landfill and oceans.

Bottles to Beach Towels


Our beach towels are made from post-consumer recycled plastics. Bottles are collected and sorted, ready for processing. 

The bottles are then sterilised, dried and crushed into small chips.

The chips go through a heating process and passed through a spinner to form fibre that is ready to be carded and spun into yarn. Notice that this fibre looks just like wool.

Rows of needles, similar to a hairbrush, spin around on various drums to align the fibres in the same direction. This yarn is then woven into our premium microfibre fabric, which is printed and sewn into our beautiful beach towels.

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